Claire Keys Pytlik (pit-lik) is a copy director, agency creative and forever writer, lending her expertise in brand voice, content strategy and design thinking to develop meaningful work that moves people—emotionally, behaviorally and otherwise.

With expertise in luxury, beauty, home living and CPG brands, Keys Pytlik has developed and managed verbal aesthetics and strategic storytelling for Fortune 50s and startups alike at BBDO, CRI, VSA Partners and Michael Kors. In between, she has consulted on content strategy and voice development for various brands. She's also published features on style, fashion and the arts for various magazines and created contemporary poetry installations for exhibition. 

Today, Keys Pytlik is Copy Director at LPK in Cincinnati, Ohio. Prior to LPK, she served as Associate Editorial Director at VSA Partners (of Chicago, NY and Detroit), as well as Editorial Director and Board Chair for AIGA.

Outside the office, she's cooking, designing stationery in small batches and traveling—camera always strapped across chest.