When Jared Galleria decided to develop its first-ever, in-house proprietary brand, it needed help with the words. Like many great love stories, each bespoke ring within the capsule began as a chance encounter—someone discovering a stone, recognizing the light within, and with deep care, creating something to endure. 

The story of a diamond is a romance in every sense—the story of being chosen. And it's not unlike the experience of a couple, evolving from first glance to final "I do." After conducting immersive consumer ethnographies, we parallel-pathed the journey of the target and the journey of the product, developing a brand narrative that read emotive and personal. It resonated with consumers, sparking new brand allegiance, drawing record sales and spurring a larger product roll-out nationwide. The project involved verbal expression and voice development, product naming, packaging, brochures, collateral, editorial content and digital site development.